Revising Exit Tickets with Digital Tools

If you’re a proficient technology integrator, you know that using technology in lessons for technology’s sake is not effective — when decisions about tech are made in the lesson planning process before decisions about instruction, the outcomes sometimes suffer at the mercy of the tool.  Good lessons should be designed and only augmented with tech tools to improve the instructional process and learning experience.

Exit tickets are one of my favorite ways to assess students on a routine basis.  Admittedly, however, collecting and grading 90 stacks of paper per day can be a bit overwhelming. In this situation, digital tools can (and should!) be used to speed up the process more efficiently — and even collect some data along the way!

Matt Levinson, Head of School at University Prep in Seattle and author of From Fear to Facebook, shared a few excellent ideas for designing Digital Media Exit Tickets in your classroom:

  • A six-second Vine video to capture the most critical six seconds of class
  • A 16-second video to post to MixBit, YouTube’s new video sharing tool
  • A tweet that boils down the essence of the class to 140 characters
  • A photo illustrating the key learning moment that can then be posted on a class Instagramaccount
  • A question posted to a class Edmodo account inviting a continuation of the learning outside of class

For more information, check out the article linked below!

Source: Levinson, Matt (2013). Hit The Mark with Digital Media Exit Tickets.


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