Reflecting on Learning Experiences in CEP 810

Too many teachers write off the use of technology in the classroom as more of a cultural fad than a pedagogical advantage.  While there is some truth to the cliche of tech as a trend, there is so much more evidence to prove its impact in the classroom.

In CEP 810, I have truly come to understand what it means to use technology purposefully.  Through the Networked Learning Project, I discovered the power of utilizing the Internet as a tool for accessing knowledge to facilitate learning.  Because of what I learned about learning through this project, I plan to adapt this project (with credit to MAET, of course) to my curriculum to engage my students in classroom instruction this fall (for example, by prompting students to “teach themselves how to write effectively using only YouTube and Help Forums in five weeks”).  I couldn’t be more excited for the potential this will have to engage my students in meaningful tasks in my classroom!

The TPACK framework for integrating technology, something else that we studied in this class, has become a pedagogical bible to me–something I always consult prior to teaching a lesson.  Having had a course with Punya Mishra this past fall, I really got the chance to dig into TPACK and engage in some deep play with the model.  However, in this course, I feel like I got to take that learning one step further through thinking about repurposing tools for everyday tasks through the Cooking With TPACK activity.  One of the big questions that I was left with after compleing this activity was, “why doesn’t everybody use this?”  This is a question I still don’t have any answers to.

My teaching has been transformed because I have been transformed as a teacher and thinker by the course.  My passion for working with other teachers to enhance their classroom instruction has only grown since I began this course–the difference is that, now, I am equipped with all of the tools and strategies that I need to help turn my school into an authentic learning center of technology integration; for that, I couldn’t be more thankful.



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