The Power of the Internet: Final Networked Learning Project Update

After a few weeks of working to develop my skills, I have accomplished it.  I have learned how to play a song on the guitar using nothing but YouTube and help forums!  More importantly, however, thanks to the inspiring academic opportunity to spend some time learning how to do something I have wanted to do for quite some time, I have truly come to appreciate and understand the power of the Internet as a learning tool.

As the World Wide Web continues to garner new contributors, a plethora of resources are expanding in number.  Because of this, the Internet, as a repository of learning, is the most powerful tool that we have as teachers.  Training our students to use it collaboratively to create meaningful learning experiences is the next step up.

Why I never truly understood this–and why it has taken so long for others to embrace the connective power of the Internet–is a question I cannot begin to answer. Through this project, I learned how to decipher good from bad information, and taught myself how to do something that, before the Internet and the printing press, had to be passed down by teachers in person.  It goes without saying that this has transformed my pedagogical outlook, and that I will be continuing to explore this idea of networked learning for myself and with my students as I prepare to resume teaching in the fall.

Without further ado, here it is–the video product of my Networked Learning Project!  


One thought on “The Power of the Internet: Final Networked Learning Project Update

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