An Examination of Technology Integration in a Local Community of Practice

Though much recent scholarship in the field is focused on effective methodologies for technology integration, there is a glaring struggle that most practitioners are facing: how to modify curriculum to enhance instruction with digital teaching and learning tools.

Despite tech-related “in-service” taking school districts across the world by storm, the application of theory into practice is not universal.  Enlightened by an awareness of this issue in my graduate coursework, I surveyed my communities of practice to learn more about the ways that my colleagues perceive technology integration.

Roadblocks to Integration

Roadblocks to tech integration.

For the sample distribution, twenty-one teachers (n) who work at a small rural high school in Western North Carolina, and four education professors (n2) from a small, private liberal arts University responded to this survey. There are 55 teachers at the high school, so this sample represents 38.2% of the staff.  Additionally, there are 8 education professors at the University, so this sample represents 50% of the staff.  In this study, four research questions were proposed regarding technology integration.  These questions focused on knowledge, pedagogy, tools, and teachers’ competency at the intersection of these.

To read the full-length white paper, please click here.


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